Hazardous Chemical Spill

Exposure or injury reporting: If there is any exposure or injury involved, complete a first report of injury and submit it to Human Resources.

Follow-up: Investigate all spills and take appropriate steps to prevent similar spills.

Outdoors: Immediately notify Environmental Health and Safety (402-472-4925) during business hours or UNL Police at 402-472 -2222 after hours for assessment.

Additional information on spill prevention and planning can be found at the EHS website. Contact EHS for spill planning guidance specific to each work area at 402-472-4925.


In case of imminent danger to health, property, or the environment:

  • Isolate area of spill by shutting doors or use of other means.
  • For indoor releases/spills: Leave the area and pull fire alarm to initiate building evacuation. For outdoor releases/spills: If possible to do so safely (without risk of overexposure) take action to stop the release & prevent or minimize releases to storm sewers. Do not initiate evacuation from nearby buildings unless otherwise advised by emergency responders.
  • Render appropriate first aid. Thoroughly wash exposed areas of the skin with soap and water.
  • Refer to the SDS for the spilled material.
  • Call UNL Police at 402-472-2222 to provide information for emergency response. Notify Environmental Health and Safety at 402-472-4925.


Not an imminent danger:

  • Use appropriate spill supplies to contain spill.
  • Render appropriate first aid.
  • Refer to the SDS for the spilled material.
  • Notify your supervisor. Finish clean-up of spill using appropriate protective apparel as specified on SDS. Manage waste properly. Contact EHS for assistance.