Weather Emergencies/Natural Disasters

Tornado emergency page icon

Tornado Watches and Warnings are issued by the National Weather Service when the probability exists that a significant threat could develop over a wide area. Warnings are issued for much smaller areas and periods of time than Watches.

Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form. Be alert to weather conditions and announcements.

Tornado Warning means that a tornado has been sighted or radar indicates rotation...

Lightning page icon

"When thunder roars - get indoors"

No place outside is safe near a thunderstorm!

When you hear thunder, go inside a substantial building or a vehicle with a metal roof and metal sides and stay inside for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder. If you are caught outside, avoid open areas and never stand under a tall, isolated tree. Learn more at

flash flood page icon

"Turn around, don't drown"

Stay Informed

Monitor local radio and television (including NOAA Weather Radio), internet and social media for information and updates.

Get to Higher Ground

Get out of areas subject to flooding and get to higher ground immediately.

Obey Evacuation Orders

If told to...

earthquake page icon

"Drop, Cover and Hold On"

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is in a moderate earthquake hazard zone. Earthquakes are unpredictable and may strike without warning. Earthquake injuries usually result from falling debris. Disruption of communication lines, light and power lines, and sewer and water mains can be expected.

During An Earthquake

If you are inside a building:

  • Stay where you are until...